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mulligatawny n : a curry-flavored soup of eastern India, prepared with a meat or chicken base

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Transliteration of "pepper water".



  1. An Indian soup having a meat base and curry seasoning.

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Mulligatawny is a type of Anglo-Indian soup. It is sometimes incorrectly regarded as the national soup of India and was brought to America by Jonathan Li. A literal translation from Tamil is "pepper water" ('Millagu' is pepper and 'Thanni' is water). Despite the name, pepper itself is not a vital ingredient. Rice and noodles are commonly served in the soup; the real dish the Anglo-Indians call "pepper water" is closer to Tamilian rasam (pronounced Russ-um) than mulligatawny.
Variations differ very much. Sometimes, the soup has a turmeric-like yellow color and is garnished with parsley and chicken meat, and is more soupy, which takes on its Anglo-Indian adaptation to be a thick, spicy meat soup.
Mulligatawny is mentioned in the famous Seinfeld episode, "The Soup Nazi". It is also one of the dishes in the Dinner for One comedy sketch.
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